1. Kick-off

At the outset, we gather around the creative campfire for a workshop. It’s a delightful opportunity to brainstorm ideas and foster collaboration. Armed with a concept and brief from the client or agency, we dive in. If there’s a final script or voiceover (VO), we’ll need those too. Script editing and VO selection are part of this stage. The goal? To align the tone and message with the brand and objectives.

2. Design

Visualizing the animation’s look and feel is crucial. We love references! Show us what you’re after, and we’ll provide style frames. These frames depict our vision for the final film. Feedback loops help refine the design until it sparkles.

3. Storyboard

Think of the storyboard as the animation’s blueprint. It maps out key scenes, ensuring the voiceover syncs seamlessly with visuals. While style frames guide the visual direction, the storyboard focuses purely on narrative explanation. Imagine a pencil-sketched comic strip—each panel tells a snippet of the story. Sharing the storyboard with the client ensures alignment and avoids hiccups down the line.

4. Animatic

An animatic breathes life into the storyboard. It’s like a rough draft of the animation, complete with timing, pacing, and basic movement. We sync the VO, creating a dynamic preview. Feedback during this stage is vital—it shapes the final product.

5. Production

Here’s where the magic happens! Animators, illustrators, and sound engineers collaborate to bring the animation to life. Characters dance, backgrounds shimmer, and the story unfolds frame by frame. It’s a symphony of creativity and technical finesse.

6. Feedback and Sign-off

We present the near-final animation to the client. Their feedback guides the finishing touches. Once everyone’s thrilled, we get the green light for the last leg.

7. Render and Final Delivery

The animation is polished, pristine, and ready for the world. We render it into its glorious form, ensuring every pixel shines. Then, with a flourish, we deliver the masterpiece to the client.

Remember, each project has its unique twists, but these seven steps form the backbone of animation production. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

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